4 Marketing Mindset Shifts to Make As a Creative

4 Marketing Mindset Shifts to Make As a Creative

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If you’re a photographer or creative business owner like I am, then you understand that your work is EVERYTHING. Like, EV-ER-Y-THING. It’s the visual and tangible representation of all your blood, sweat, tears and heart. When you’re a creative and believe in your work, you tend to be so passionate about it that you bank on everyone else believing in your work as well! So you put it everywhere on your website, you blog about it multiple times a week, you share it on your Facebook business page, you tweet about it, Snapchat about it and share it everywhere. I mean, once they take one look at it they’ll be sold, right? Well, in a perfect world people would just get our work and immediately connect their hearts and their wallets to it, but we business owners know that it’s not that simple!

So today I’d like to share with you four marketing mindset shifts that will help you turn marketing spectators into raving fans, and ultimately, raving clients.

Market as if YOU are your brand. Not your work.

Okay, so I’m an extroverted introvert. When I’m with people I can have a great time and be gregarious, but being alone and contemplative is when I really recharge and feel my most comfortable. I find that if I allow myself to, I will totally hide behind my work because that’s my comfort zone. After some discussion with many other creatives, I have found this to be a popular trend! However, I would like to challenge you to remember that people connect with flesh, blood, and personality, not paper, paint, or an image with a caption that reads “See more on my blog. Link in bio.”

I think the struggle that many creatives have is that we think our work is more interesting than we are, and we assume everyone else feels the same. However, social media is built on sharing personal experiences, having conversations, and sharing your life! This very important element of the “social” in “social media” doesn’t change simply because you’re operating on your business page vs your personal page. It’s for some of the same reasons perfume commercials do long theatrical commercials telling the visual story of a person or a couple, then the perfume itself gets the spotlight for like a second at the end of the commercial. Marketing companies know stories and people sell products, not necessarily the products themselves in many cases. In other words, show people who you are! Share with people why your business matters to you, how you got started, take them with you when you’re out and about looking for inspiration, show them behind the scenes action, share about the inner workings of that collaboration you’re working on. Whatever you do, give your product or service a pulse… which is something only you can provide!

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Remember that you deserve to be here.

Have you ever heard of “Impostor Syndrome”? Well if you haven’t, let me take a moment to paint a picture. You know that feeling you get when you have to give a speech in front of your peers, and maybe even people who are above your pay grade, and you immediately doubt that you’re qualified to give a speech to THEM? You’re flooded with thoughts about how you’re a fake, how you don’t know as much as they do, that they’re going to know that you don’t know what you’re talking about (even if you do), and all these self-defeating thoughts have you feeling like you don’t belong. Have you ever experienced something like this? Well, those are classic Impostor Syndrome symptoms. Now try saying that 5 times fast!

Don’t believe the lie that just because someone else may be more experienced than you or more knowledgeable than you at what you’re doing, that you don’t deserve to be doing it. They may have more knowledge and they may even have more experience, but what they don’t have is you! They don’t have your unique gifting, perspective, personality, and flare. You are the something different that you bring to the table, and if you hold back on account of feeling inadequate compared to “Them” then someone is going to miss out on your something special… and what a sad thing that would be!

Give yourself more credit. Literally

I struggle with sharing my wins and successes sometimes. Mainly because I hate the idea of sounding like a brag. However, every time I’ve gone to nervously share moments that highlight success, I was always humbled by the amount of love and support I received from people. Now there is a manner in which you can share your wins with your followers that’s not braggadocios or overkill – having pride in your work doesn’t mean you’re prideful. The truth is that most people would love to celebrate you and celebrate WITH you! They just need the opportunity. Give your followers the chance to do a happy dance with you when you are totally killing it in life and in business. It’ll build community and will allow people another chance to connect with you apart from your product or service. After all, you work hard and hustle hard so give yourself some credit!

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Less marketing. More community building.

Lastly, focus more on community building over marketing to sell. We are all bombarded with blatant sales messages on a daily basis. So much so that it starts to feel like very few companies actually care about the consumer at all! It starts to feel like we’re just ATMs on legs that everyone is trying to draw money from! So let me tell you if you can serve your audience both in a way that feels personal to them and in a way that illicits connection to your product or service, then that is going to be one of the best ways that you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

I personally believe that now more than ever, in a world driven by social media, texting, and online dating, people are craving genuine connection that feels authentic and not contrived. This kind of connection is absolutely possible for businesses to create, but only if the people running them makes it a priority! You know that saying “It takes a village…” that people say when it comes to raising kids? Well I believe the same goes for a business. It takes a village of people to make it successful, and the bulk of the people in that village are the people you market to everyday. So support them, love on them, show them you care and they will support you back!

When you’re any type of creative and believe in your work, all you want is for everyone else to believe in it too. However, we have to try to take a step back and remember that at this point, with the amount of marketing overwhelm that people are experiencing, if you don’t go against the current you are just going to be just another sales pitch in a sea of pitches. That’s why it’s so important that we have these mindset shifts so that we don’t just have spectators that are just witnessing our marketing, but raving fans, and ultimately, raving clients. Do it for yourself because you’ve worked too hard to turn back now and do it for your audience because they deserve to be a part of the unique talents that only you can offer!

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Andrea Hughes

Andrea is a Michigan-based photographer that specializes in boudoir and portraiture. She is absolutely obsessed with inspiring the everyday woman to become interested in themselves again and her passion in life is deeply rooted in connection. Connection to herself, to those she loves and care about, and to all the stories from all the women she has yet to meet.. and those are the things that drive her. You can follow her on Instagram @andreakhughes.

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