5 Crazy Effective Strategies for Writing High-Converting Copy

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What happens when you put moldy cheese and rotten tomatoes on an otherwise perfectly good pizza?

The whole thing is ruined!

Believe me, I’m a pizza-lover and there’s nothing worse than bad toppings. It doesn’t matter how expertly baked the crust is or how well the sauce has been seasoned. If the toppings are wrong, you may as well throw the whole thing in the trash.

Copy can do the same for your launch.

Good, high-converting copy can mean an excellent launch; five-figures, six-figures, seven-figures, you name it! Poor copy can lead to a dismal launch, even if the product or service is excellent.

Much like rancid toppings can ruin a delectable pizza pie, boring, confusing, or poorly written copy can turn curious onlookers into marathon sprinters running in the WRONG direction.

I know you don’t want that!

I also know not every small business has all the dollars to hire a professional copywriter to
provide those highly-coveted, fresh, tasty toppings.


But don’t worry, here are five crazy effective (and ridiculously simple) writing strategies you can apply to your social media captions, emails, sales pages, or web copy, right now, to have you writing high-converting copy like a pro.

1. Analogies

I love analogies because they help your reader understand what you’re trying to convey in a way that is meaningful to them. Analogies help you turn your industry-lingo into real talk, real quick. If you have a difficult time explaining what you do, use a common analogy to help explain.

For example, a financial advisor who helps small businesses make wise fiduciary investments might say, “I’m like a GPS for your business’ finances.” Easy, right? Now we understand that this person helps a business take their finances from point A to point B easily and (hopefully) without error.

If you’re having a hard time getting out of the audience-confusing jargon, use an analogy to help you state your case in a clear, plain, and easy-to-understand way.

2. Mirroring Language

The right language matters and you often don’t have to look far to find it. Ever really read
through your DMs? Do you notice that when people ask questions, they tend to use the same phrases over and over again? Use these words and mirror them right back to your audience in your social posts, emails, and website. These are the exact words that matter most to your ideal audience.

Mirroring language is highly effective in communicating your message in a way that makes sense and compels your audience to action. You can use mirroring language by saving DMs, reviews, or even conversations within group chats, then repurposing them. The difference between, “weight loss,” and “fat loss,” might sound minor to an average reader, but to a fitness professional, when used correctly, this small difference can mean money in the bank.

By taking the exact words and phrases used by your ideal clients and utilizing them in your social media posts and sales pages, you will create an environment where your audience feels heard and acknowledged. In this way, your little corner of the interwebs becomes a place where you’re speaking ‘their language’ because you actually are! This is a game-changer when it comes to high-converting copy.

3. Anecdotes

Anecdotes are amusing or interesting stories about a real person or incident and can be used to further explain a situation or generate a feeling. Anecdotes are great because they help your audience see you for who you are. If you’re a coach or mentor, telling your own personal story of triumph can help enamor you to your audience.

By sharing a glimpse of your life when you were struggling, you provide the affirmation that your audience needs to know that they are ‘normal’ and that they too can overcome their current situation…just like you did. Don’t shy away from sharing anecdotes from your life. These personal stories allow your audience to see the real you; the you behind the brand.

4. “You” Phrasing

Using “you” phrasing is a great way to turn the spotlight onto your audience and off of you. You might have solutions to your client’s problems, but it is up to them to implement and solve, right? They’re the hero, you’re the guide. Show them how what you do empowers them by using “you” phrasing rather than “I” statements.

Need an example? Imagine you’re visiting a website for an established SEO copywriter. Now, which one sounds better, “I am a copywriter and I help make websites more profitable,” or “With great copy, your business can be more profitable?”

I’m guessing you went with the second. Why? Because it speaks directly to the needs you, the reader, have, not just the service this person provides. Turning “I” statements into “you” acknowledgments brings your audience in on the action.

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5. Ask yourself, “So What?”

After each segment on your sales landing page, social media caption, or email, ask yourself the question, “So what?” Why? Because this is what your audience is doing. When selling the features of a product or service, it’s easy to fall into the trap of listing all the things the product or service can do and all the reasons why you love it.

Great. But what about your reader? Why should they care? How will this product or service you love so much impact them? Every time a reader lands on your page or reads your caption, help them to see why what you’re writing is important and keep in mind that in their heads they’re asking, “So what?”

High-converting copy can be your reality

Even if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional copywriter and even if writing isn’t your thaaang, you can still communicate effectively and create compelling high-converting copy using these five writing tips. Don’t put lousy toppings on that delicious pizza of a business you’re growing. Keep your writing fresh and full of flavor and in no time you’ll be turning curious onlookers into raving client-baes!

To schedule a planning call or to learn more, visit Gabriella at www.gabriellamlindsay.com or follow her on Instagram at @the_slay_at_home_mom.

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Gabriella Lindsay

Gabriella M. Lindsay, M.Ed. is an author, professional copywriter and editor, and a successful online business support specialist. Her specialties include: copywriting for web, email, and social media, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, and supporting small business owners in the areas of virtual management, social media, and online customer support. Through her custom services and signature program, The Write Start Method, Gabriella helps successful women grow their income through compelling copy, professionally edited marketing materials, and expertly customized business support services. She can be found at www.gabriellamlindsay.com.

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