Gabriella Lindsay

Gabriella M. Lindsay, M.Ed. is an author, professional copywriter and editor, and a successful online business support specialist. Her specialties include: copywriting for web, email, and social media, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, and supporting small business owners in the areas of virtual management, social media, and online customer support. Through her custom services and signature program, The Write Start Method, Gabriella helps successful women grow their income through compelling copy, professionally edited marketing materials, and expertly customized business support services. She can be found at

Gabriella Lindsay
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5 Crazy Effective Strategies for Writing High-Converting Copy

What happens when you put moldy cheese and rotten tomatoes on an otherwise perfectly good pizza? The whole thing is ruined! Believe me, I’m a pizza-lover and there’s nothing worse than bad toppings. It doesn’t matter how expertly baked the crust is or how well the sauce has been seasoned. If the toppings are wrong, …

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