Welcome to the Social Savvy Blog

Welcome to the Social Savvy Blog

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Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here you’ll get helpful social snippets designed to increase your social savviness and build you a successful social media strategy. Be sure to subscribe in the green box to get these fresh insights delivered straight to your inbox.

Since You Asked

How did I become social savvy? As a social media manager at a large software company in Research Triangle Park, NC, I was able to get hands-on training, attend industry events and do a deep dive into the digital world for three years. During that time, increasing numbers of small and medium size business owners, entrepreneurs and startups approached me for help. So here I am—your on-demand social media strategy consultant.

Let’s Get Social

As part of your digital marketing efforts, whether you’re large or small or somewhere in between, an effective social media strategy can make the difference between good and great, failure and success.  I’m here to help businesses like yours cut through the noise, understand what’s essential for your success and help you start taking advantage of the power of social media marketing.

Social Made Simple

I get it. Running your business and maintaining a social media presence is challenging. There’s not enough time in the day. But you already know you can’t afford to ignore social channels and their potential. That’s where I come in.

The Social Savvy Entrepreneur

My mission? Empower you to be a social media expert through education that is personalized for your business and aligned with your goals; creating a strategy built for success.

Talk to Me

If you’ve wanted to try social media but don’t know where to begin or you can’t seem to consistently devote the time to making your social efforts gain traction then have a seat, you’re in the right spot.

I’d love to hear from you. Use the comment boxes below to ask me questions and share your biggest social media challenges.

If you’re ready to talk more about your specific goals, shoot me an email to learn more and schedule your free 30-minute consultation.

Don’t forget to subscribe in the green box below so you don’t miss any of these game-changing social media tips.

In the meantime, stay social!

Bianca Lynch

Bianca is a Social Media Strategist and Consultant on a mission to empower business owners to use their authentic voice to increase brand visibility and stand out on social media. She has helped entrepreneurs, agencies and corporations dramatically increase their online presence, gain high-quality leads and drive sales revenue with digital marketing. Her expertise is helping businesses build simple, yet effective social media strategies that align with their unique business goals.

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