Meet Bianca

I’m the one who’s going to push you and your business to the next level. Inspire you to go beyond the ordinary. And embrace the power of sharing your story on social media.


What makes me different

I realize social media can be overwhelming. That’s why I keep it simple for you with a need-to-know approach. I listen to understand your unique business goals and partner with you to create a personalized, results-driven social strategy that works for your brand. I take you beyond the world of social media jargon, tips and tricks to provide you with the best solution for your business.

It's social media marketing
without the bullshit.

Why I want to help your business

Working in global marketing roles with both an agency and a corporation, I discovered that how you show up online can make or break your business in this digital age. There is so much power in sharing your story with the world and I am a prime example. When I first started with social media, I had no idea what I was doing so I just posted whenever and wherever. That got me nothing but time wasted and little results, if any.

After years of trying and failing, I finally mastered the formula for social media success and the followers, engagement and sales starting rolling in. I then realized that not everyone has a huge marketing budget, a full-time social media manager or the TIME to build a successful social media strategy. On the flip side, there are many businesses who do have these resources, yet they still aren’t seeing the results because they lack the right tools, insights and a personalized strategy that puts things into place. Either way, I’m here to help.

Where do I offer my services?

I am located in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area and am available for in-person or virtual coaching as well as traveling for team trainings.

Talk to me

How many of these describe you as well? Tweet me @biancalynch or send me a direct message on Instagram or LinkedIn – I’d love to hear from you! If you’re ready to jumpstart your social media success, click here to book your discovery call with me.

Bianca Lynch, LLC
PO BOX 13243
Durham, NC 27709
[email protected]
(910) 208-0436

Behind the Scenes

What do I do when I’m not braving the social media jungle?

I’ve listed 14 fun facts about me that you probably wouldn’t guess at first glance.

  • I often spend my free time on a boat with a fishing pole
  • I played for a flag football team (briefly)
  • I played for a softball team (even more briefly)
  • Personal development is my passion
  • I hope to help save an endangered species one day
  • I watch anime
  • I love getting out of my comfort zone
  • I hate spaghetti
  • I love Indian food (a recent obsession)
  • I love to read
  • I hate cardio machines
  • I love Zumba
  • I survived a house fire
  • I might be the worst singer you’ll ever meet – but I do it anyway, often.

What the People Say


Itohan Obasuyi

CEO, Nubian Natural Hair Gallery

"I met Bianca when I was searching for the right social media solution for my business and quickly learned that she was very good at what she does as she worked her magic! She was able to take me from social media obscurity to a pretty savvy online presence. She is easy to work with and meets you at your level. Her knowledge of social media is vast, but she breaks it down into small actionable steps that are easy to implement. My social media channels and content have grown leaps and bounds since I started working with her. Do yourself a favor; do whatever she tells you to do! You will thank yourself later.”


Suzanne Rose

Senior Content Writer

“Bianca is bold, smart and a leader. I turn to Bianca whenever I need advice about social media–she always gets results that align with my professional objectives. But her biggest strength is that when I need inspiration to be my best, my most authentic self–she is there for me, supporting me and encouraging me to go to the next level in my personal development.”


Scott Bryant-Comstock

CEO, Children's Mental Health Network

"My long-standing approach to social media has consisted of throwing spaghetti at the wall and using whatever stuck.  Bianca's one-hour seminar opened my eyes to the power of LinkedIn. By incorporating just a few of her suggestions, I started seeing results. Bianca is engaging, clear, affirming (even with spaghetti throwers like me) and will empower you to make significant changes in your approach to social marketing."

Kimberly Moore, VP of Marketing at North Carolina Mutual Insurance

Kimblerly Moore

Chief Marketing Strategist at NC Mutual Insurance

“Bianca provided an overview of how our management team should engage with our external audiences on LinkedIn. Bianca did an excellent job of making the business case for how the management profiles reflect and connect directly to our corporate profile. She took the mystery out of the discussion and addressed all questions while putting her answers in the context of what successful organizations do. I highly recommend Bianca as a facilitator and subject matter expert for her ability to explain not only what to do with social media but why. Our team remains active on LinkedIn and I am pleased to announce that has moved throughout the entire organization even beyond the managers!”


David Newton

CEO at Local Presence SEO

"Bianca is a social media strategist who has proven her knowledge and expertise in the ever-changing world of marketing.

Bianca has presented her knowledge in the form of seminars to a couple of group events for which I am the facilitator. She received glowing reviews each time and really made me a hero for securing her as a speaker.

I highly recommend Bianca if you need a specialist in social media or you need a speaker to help inform your group how to use social media to grow business. You will not be sorry. "


Cheryl Stevens, MBA, PCC

CEO, Steven's Leadership

"I learned so much from Bianca, and about topics and strategies that weren't even part of the initial plan. She over-delivered and introduced me to new tools that are supporting me in growing my business in ways that will help me find more clients and earn passive income. She's also a joy to work with and someone I'd want to spend time with even if she wasn't my social coach. I recommend Bianca as a social media consultant, coach, and mentor with no reservation."


Richard Carroll

Sr. VP and COO of Ellis & Associates

"Bianca took the time to research our company and get to know us and our needs before proceeding with a strategic plan to help build our brand on all our social media channels. She smartly discerned what content needed to be created for each channel to meet our main professional objectives. Thanks to her help and guidance, our social media has dramatically increased activity."


Courtnai Calloway

CEO, Joyful Moming Maven

"After completing Define and Conquer, I am DEFINITELY more confident to use social media for my business. The content was on point and Bianca’s videos delivering actionable steps were very helpful. The tools/techniques were doable. I learned how to best approach my use of social media for business & came away with a more defined audience & messaging."